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Final Year medical students

Thinking Medicine was created with you in mind as Finals are the toughest exams you'll face in medical school. That said, we want to point out that most students will pass finals. Compare that with MRCP where the pass rate is 1/3! So relax and enjoy this final process that will transfrom you into a doctor.

During this transition, you must learn how to look, talk and think like a doctor.

  • Use the Thinking Medicine Book to make the most of your revision -it gives you a solid structure that helps you understand medicine, thus making it easy to learn all those inevitable lists and present information coherently.

  • Browse parts of our book online for free -it's packed with useful hints and tips (especially the "Introduction" and "How to Use this Book" sections).
  • Use our peer-reviewed links to find other useful sites.
  • Improve your understanding of key topics through our free online tutorials.
  • Join our Facebook Group for up to date information on our free lectures and tutorials.

Medical students in Clinical Years

It's always good to have a target and Thinking Medicine shows you the level you should be aiming for. Use our book to start structuring your thinking as you see patients on the wards. It will also prove valuable for OSCES. Preparing for finals now will make it easier when you get there. Learn from our online tutorials and use our useful links page to explore subjects in more detail.

Medical students in Pre-clinical Years

You'll find the most useful parts of this site to be our online tutorials and useful links. We're working on expanding our eLearning pages to include basic physiology and anatomy.

Secondary School students

Thinking about becoming a doctor? 
We're sure you have lots of questions. We'll be happy to answer them!


Please point your students to anything you think they'll find useful on this site. If you have any suggestions for future projects do let us know.






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